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Smart way to manage claims
Tired of creating / submitting manual claims via mails, documents or excels?
Try ExpenseClock's automated expense management solution and streamline your
process of claim storage, reporting and approval.

Beyond boundaries of location,
department or currency

ExpenseClock works great if your company operates in different geographies
or you operate in multiple currencies and you want to define your business
rules or policies based on these parameters.
Time Tracking, submission and approval
made really simple

Stop worrying about taking print outs of your timesheet and getting approval
on a physical copy and scanning it and sending over to your employer for payment.
Use our time tracking solution for effectively managing timesheets for employees
or contractors or consultants.
Creation, Submission and Approval of claim Expense Category and Business Policy Management Receipt Management Time Tracking
Say "No" to manual claim submission and approval process and switch to ExpenseClock to create and submit claims online. Validate and approve claims based on the defined business policies and pay post finance approval. Define Expense Category/Type and Business Policy at more granular level so as to have better control on expenses or policies by department or location. Since company policies and expenses vary from place to place and can change based on various other parameters, ExpenseClock plays a big role in better expense management. Scan and send receipts as email attachment or upload receipts directly to server and allow systemic categorization of receipts based on expense type. Easily search relevant receipts by date or category and drag and drop the receipt to an existing claim. Submit weekly, biweekly or monthly timesheet online and provide capability to approve timesheet online or via email approval. Biggest USP is allowing timesheet submission to client managers (outside employee's company) and systematically sending approved timesheets to all stakeholders without any manual intervention.